TripleWP has been for the last few years on working on a new application that simplifies the user experience of developing a website within WordPress. The WP part of the company name is a standard abbreviation for WordPress and an indication to their audience for where the software can be installed. They really wanted a visual identity that is friendly and non-intimidating to reflect their cutting-edge technology. The majority of the application has already been designed around a blue, white, and black color scheme that the logo also uses.


Logo Design
Visual Identity
Web Design

Brand Introduction


The groundwork on which everything is built: the brand. I began by drawing out a lot of rough ideas, and used those to narrow down to a concept that is best suited for the vision of the company.
Photo of logo constructionphoto of logo color palettephoto of logo in colorPhoto of logo business cardPhoto of logo brandingPhoto of web designphoto of web design